Article Writing And SEO

article writing can improve SEOI hope to guide you through some very good reasons why you should be using article writing as part of your search engine optimization efforts to boost your rankings, turning content into links and traffic. This process can help you to get targeted traffic to your site and offers. This applies to both new and existing sites, so if you’re not already getting great traffic, what I’m covering here about writing articles for SEO could help you.

One thing that’s vital to remember. These days the search engines are really clever. They can detect blatant SEO techniques and this will get your site a penalty if it is detected. Always write for the reader, but keep in mind the relevance and what the search engines need to find you. It’s not that difficult really, so read on…

Article Writing Is About What You Know Well.

Focus on relevant topics directly linked to your target market. Because your articles are informative, you can submit them to article directories and websites accepting new content. You may be able to find niche targeted sites that publish similar articles to yours. It’s possible to get good referrals from articles submitted using article databases. Write 2-3 articles every week if you can, also make sure they are getting submitted at regular intervals.

Article Writing – Keep It Readable.

If you have a lot to say on a subject, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a series of articles rather than one long one. It’s true that the longer articles are better for SEO these days, but keeping a reader engaged usually means you need shorter articles. Writing anything up to 2000 words can be a little daunting for someone who likes to read your content, but sees the “mountain” of words and thinks “I’ve not got time to read that now, I’ll come back later” – but they don’t.
Splitting up articles into parts is a great way to make a subject easier to digest. Your visitors will want to come back to read the rest of the series. You can possibly be a little more concise in a specific area of the subject you’re talking about when you split up the main article into a series too. This will show your visitor you have even more value to offer them.

Article Writing And The Power Of Links.

Link to other relevant articles in your blog to help create a good internal linking structure. This helps your SEO too because the search engines will see relevance of subject and also relevance of content. Also you can include a link in your article to another authority website like Wikipedia if it’s relevant to your topic and answers a question you know is asked regularly. You can also reference pages, news sources and forums. This also shows the search engines you care for your readers and provide more value to them if they need it. You’re not trying to keep the visitor on your site “at all costs”. However, to keep them on your site, you can set these links to open in a new window or tab.

The best link to get is a “contextual” link. This is where you see relevant phrases linking to another article. This is very powerful if used correctly and is kept for the more influential sites you can get a link from inside one of your articles. Keep the percentage of this kind of link down to prevent a penalty. There are a lot of good resources available to help you with article writing and SEO. You can take a course on SEO if it helps you to better understand this subject.

SEO Principles In Article Writing.

seo basics and article writingRelevance is the key here. A relevant keyword or phrase is the way the search engines know what your topic is about. You need to include this in the title, url, page description and article heading, as well as a few times in the body of the article. You need to be careful not to “over optimize” your content by having your “direct match” keyword repeated in all of the title, heading etc.

If you can, find a way to use the words in your key phrase as direct match in one of the title, url, description or heading, but mix the words up in each of the others. As long as the words in the phrase are in the title etc., the search engines will figure out the relevance, especially when you include the phrase in the first sentence / paragraph of your article. Over optimizing can get you a penalty, so be careful!

Another useful thing for your article copy is using what is known as LSI keywords. Check this out because it helps to keep your topic relevant and also helps to keep the content more naturally readable.

There is a lot more to article writing, but these basics can help you to make a start. Articles are great ways to improve your site “off page” SEO as well as the “on page” requirements. Enjoy your experience and enjoy your writing too.