develop trust in teamsIf you have ever worked in any organization before, you will probably know that working in teams can have its trials. You can have disagreements, a lack of communication and sometimes a lack of ownership may cause some slacking when projects are due. Because of this, people can feel disappointed and dejected. There are occasions when it creates animosity and arguments that can linger like a bad smell.

This doesn’t usually happen in the home business industry, because in that case the people would leave and you would have no team to lead or grow. Even when working as a group of individual entrepreneurs, there is a need for a system that requires some key elements in order to be successful. Trusts is a big factor, especially in the home business industry and so let’s take a look the importance of building trust in your team and the factors involved.

  1. Have strong leadership.
    Trust starts at the top and there are teams that fail because there is a lack of “buy in” of team members to a single leader who they feel they can trust and who sets the direction and vision of that team, no matter whether it’s big small.
    People need to understand the whole concept of the team and how it benefits them because, as business owners in their own right, they need to feel in control and yet still need to have that support around them when they need it. A trustworthy leader who develops the duplication of the system is key.
  1. Establish A Common Vision
    One of the most important factors that is needed for any team in the home business industry is to set out a common vision. This can be done initially by setting out a proper training regime and supporting the people who need it.
    Communication is vital for people to know the events and common points of interest for the team members to get involved in. To develop this, the team will need to be in rapport. Create experiences. Build common knowledge through those experiences and that will encourage members to hang on and contribute because they are now no longer individuals but members of a team with a responsibility for new members of their own team that leads to a larger goal target in the end.
  1. Sharing The System To Build The Team.
    When working in the home business industry and network marketing or an affiliate system, it’s important to share the values and successes of the team. This is not possible unless there is trust with the leadership and the duplication process is “passed on” to every person in the team through the training. Ease of showing people the benefits of your team for them is vital.
    Remember, you are dealing with individual business owners who can CHOOSE who they work with, rather than employees who have been “delegated” into the team.

The know, like and trust factor is there FROM THE START! It has to be, or you are fighting a losing battle.

Building trust in teams is a vital part of any home business because it’s extremely rare for anyone to make the grade and become wealthy without a good team of people to work with. The whole “network” is based on a good work ethic and a good system. Training is also important and helps to retain that trust in the team and the leaders.

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I hope to see you on the inside.