team building ideas using puzzlesWhen you’re looking for team building ideas, you may well be looking for prospects for your home based business opportunity. This is one of the most common reasons for people to build a team using online sources and techniques. For you to be able to generate leads and build your team, you will need ideas that help you to collect and capture a person’s information so that you are able to follow up and communicate with them.

Team Building Ideas To Build Trust

As an online network marketer, you will need to build trust in you and also get the know and like factors into your marketing too. Communication is key to building this Know, Like and Trust factor and this cannot happen until you collect and capture a person’s information, especially if you’re working with building an email list and using email marketing as part of your overall strategy.

Whatever your thoughts on team building ideas using online techniques, you need to have a plan in order to effectively grow your team. Any plan really needs to include a way to promote to people ethically in a proven system. When your team grows, you make sure that the rest of the team duplicates what you do that WORKS!

Duplication Is Important For Any Team Building Ideas

brainstorm ideas to build teamNetwork marketing, or any other form of team building, requires duplication for it to grow quickly and effectively. Something else that’s needed is a way to train new people in the techniques so that duplication becomes easy for them. One of the things, in my experience, that cause people to quit is the lack of support and a lack of belief because the techniques are strange to them and they feel it’s too hard for them to do. Showing people initially that your ideas have worked for you, whether as part of your presentation or with training videos, is important to keep their attention and have them believing they can do what you have done.

“Team building ideas” need to take all these things into consideration. Collecting information, connecting with people, communicating with people and showing them that duplication is easy and something they can do without stress and worry that it’s going to be too hard.

One of the best team building systems I have encountered is the six step sponsoring sequence and training course that is available through Networking Superstars. The website is designed to help you to utilize the content yourself and, with your own unique user id, you can sign up prospects by collecting information through the online team building methods used in the system for member’s benefit.

Whatever team building ideas you have already, plugging them into this system enables you to get past the capture and collect phases of the sequence and you can then communicate and develop relationships with your prospective new team member, getting them into an effective, growing and thriving team where they start to learn and earn quickly.