Social Media Presence: Using Your Social Network Channels to Provide Value to Your Customers

The best social media presence will help a business to serve its customers betterThe majority of sectors are so cut-throat competitive nowadays that having a social media presence has practically come to be absolutely vital, and this will certainly help the business to survive a lot longer than those businesses who ignore Social Media. Even most firms that have an existing company profile are not taking advantage of the power of social media networks. In this article, there is quite a lot to digest: conversions through social networks are on average 13% higher than leads from conventional outbound methods, such as cold calls, television commercials and also flyer handouts. Nevertheless, companies will not see anywhere near that rate of success if they only use their channel to send out a quickie pointer here and there. To make your social media presence work for you, it’s very important to offer consistent value to your fans as opposed to blasting them with limitless advertising material.

Use Your Social Media Presence to Give Value to Your Followers

By Value, this means using insightful web content free of advertising ballyhoo. Many customers are bombarded by so much forced online and offline advertising that they can smell a double glazing sales person from a mile away. Do not allow your social media presence end up being a canvas full of unadulterated sales pitch after sales pitch. Value refers to useful material related to your particular niche and also might consist of the following:

• A link to a relevant and related blog post or video (it’s best to make the material informative and not promotional)

• A link to a related YouTube video providing useful information about a product or service

• A quick, useful fact or word of advice. Always good to leave your potential customer feeling they have learned something, which in turn leads to more trust.

• A post answering a commonly asked question

Let’s say you own a health supplement e-store, the following are some great examples of posts that you can include:

• Check out our latest blog post. You will find out a few great tips on how to maintain healthy eating habits when you’re on the move, traveling and dining at a typical “greasy spoon”.

• We have a useful video showing you how to properly execute bodyweight squats without over extending your knees. Check it out now.

• Be sure to stay hydrated, even in winter. Dehydration can occur just as much when it’s cold as well as when it’s sweltering in summer. Remember, a hydrated body is a happy body.

• We have been asked by many what the best ingredients are for a post-workout shake. Our advice to to be sure the ingredients provide enough protein, carbs and fat for your bodyweight and contain enough B-vitamins in order to replace lost electrolytes.

Social Media Presence – Incorporating a Promotional Post

One of the most important things for developing your business social media presence in the first place is to increase brand awareness too. It’s good to promote your products or services when it’s appropriate to do so. This would be when there is some noteworthy news, like the launch of a new product, a website update featuring a new product or service or special offers and discounts. It’s not the best idea to keep on about how good this or that product or service is and how it’s the best thing on the market. Find out what your customers’ pain point is and explain how your product can help them. They will already have their own opinion of certain products and won’t want to hear your ravings about how great your product is. Concentrate on being informative in your content and providing value to build trust in you and your products. Promotional posts should be more of an afterthought and used less often than the informative, helpful posts that can drive great interaction from your potential clients.

Social networks are one of the best ways to drive communication and engagment with your customers. You will only realise the full potential when you consistently provide value rather than being in “hard sale mode” all the time. Your social media presence is vital for your business, so treat it that way. Good luck.