Boost Your Ratings And Reviews For More Authority

Get more ratings and reviewsMore authority in your niche market is something we all need more than ever. Among the ways to do this are by finding ways to boost ratings and reviews for your product or service online.

Almost anyone in the world can publish content online due to the internet. In fact, it’s getting to be a very crowded space. Those who have built up their authority will be able to build their brand and increase their profits more easily.

What do I mean by authority? It can mean several things, depending on the business or the marketplace you operate in. There are different ways to look at authority online. There’s domain authority, page authority, and professional authority within your niche.

There several ways to improve this authority. It does involve some work, but I’m sure that can be handled when the results can be so good at the end of the road.

Domain Authority – Domain authority is important nowadays. It was brought forward by the SEO company and this is what they have to say about how it’s calculated:

“We calculate this metric by combining all of our other link metrics—linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.—into a single score.”

The higher the domain authority, the better. The way to improve this is to get valuable links to your web pages from sites with high authority. Facebook and Twitter, plus other top social media sites have high domain authority and any shares and such you get for your content will help to boost your own domain authority. There are other web 2.0 properties that have very high domain authority from which to get some DA “juice” from.

Page Authority – Page authority was also developed by Moz and it’s described as:

“Page Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engines. It is based off data from the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, MozRank, MozTrust, and dozens of other factors.”

Another service that helps with analysis of a web page is Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow. If trust and citation are close together, it means that there are a good number of links “cited” from trusted sources. If the trust is low and the citation flow is high, the links tend to be treated as more “spammy”. It also means your DA and PA can be affected too.

Professional Authority – Regarding professional authority within your niche, name recognition would help measure your level of authority. Would your name be instantly recognized by fellow experts in your niche for example?

If you’re struggling in these areas, your ratings and reviews can help improve authority and also help to gain more trust and more sales.

Using Ratings And Reviews To Boost Authority.

Your online reputation depends a lot on your authority level. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at domain authority, page authority or professional authority. One of the easiest and very effective ways to boost your authority is to give your ratings and reviews a little TLC. Before you can work on that, you need to know more about ratings and reviews and where to find them.

Ratings and reviews are offered on directory sites such as Yell, Hot Frog, Yelp and many more. Social media sites such as Facebook offer people the chance to leave reviews on your business page. You can even set up a review page on your own website. If you have a “brick and mortar” business, you will understand how your ratings can encourage or discourage people’s visiting habits. Then of course there is Google. You can get reviews on Google too. Being the largest search engine, it’s a great place to show how trusted you are by having good reviews and sharing them on Google itself.

Most sites prefer people to post their own reviews. Reviews can make or break a business, especially if they’re inaccurate. A malicious review can trash the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build with just the click of a mouse and a few keystrokes. On the other hand, a high rating and good review can build consumer confidence and they’ll be more willing to give your business a chance.

Tips To Build Authority With Ratings and Reviews

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t write your own reviews from fake accounts, or even write fake bad reviews of your competitors no matter how tempting it might be. It doesn’t serve anyone to be unethical in the end.

Instead, you should focus on:

  • Asking customers for honest feedback.
  • Asking for reviews, endorsements, and testimonials. Remind them in your email newsletters to leave you a review. If they do a review or testimonial, whether positive or negative, thank them for taking time to review your product or service and offer them something related to the review provided. Sites like Yelp don’t allow you to ask for a review on Yelp or they will remove your account. Maybe you can show places where your customer can leave a review and leave it up to them.
  • Avoid paying for reviews. Again, this is something that won’t serve you if you’re found out. Amazon is beginning to sue reviewers, authors, and publishers who are involved with “paid reviews”. They know how influential reviews are in the buying process.
  • Get more reviews and ratings to boost authorityCreating authority with search engines. Google, being the biggest is worth paying the most attention to. They offer the biggest opportunity of free marketing opportunities for smart business owners. You shouldn’t disregard the other search engines that your target market uses though.
    Use Google for Business. Google for Business is attached to Google plus and allows you to publish a keyword rich and well optimized business listing. The Google account you have for Google plus and My Business will also connect you to other free services such as YouTube for video marketing and a Gmail email account too.
    Google Hangouts enable you to connect with your audience live. Hangouts on Air can be streamed live from your site. Hangouts that are recorded will be posted to your You Tube channel. If you work with video, they can also be recorded and posted on YouTube. You can offer your customers the chance to provide quick video reviews. They can give these to you to post to your channel.
    As I mentioned earlier, encourage reviews to be left on your Google Business listing. People will be able to post ratings, reviews, and comments. Anyone with a Google account can leave reviews, which helps to keep the system honest and cut down on malicious or dishonest postings.

Boost your ratings and reviews for more authority by paying attention to those reviews and what is being said about you online. Then implement good marketing strategies to keep what’s working and fix anything that isn’t working to your advantage. Add more high Domain Authority local business directory listings to boost that authority too.