MLSP reviewIf you’re familiar with attraction marketing, you may or may not be familiar with the training community known as MLM Lead System Pro. In this MLSP review, I aim to run over the benefits of having such a training system available to you to be able to generate leads for your network marketing business online.

MLSP Review – The Concepts.

The main concept of MLSP is to help any MLMer to build their own personal brand so that they can “attract” people towards them. What the system does is to allow the business owner to show their business opportunity to any of the people who they bring into the system too. What this does is provide exposure to any member’s primary business and if someone has the trust in someone to join MLSP with them, they are likely to trust enough to join their opportunity as well, especially if they are looking for a business to get involved with themselves.

The core concept of attraction marketing is to offer something of great value for free or at low up-front cost so that you could begin a form of “permission-based” marketing, but essentially contacting people without an agenda to “sign them up” at all costs. The importance of not having an agenda will help to prevent the prospect from feeling under pressure or the feeling of being “sold” to. The attraction marketing system is one that provides value FIRST and aims to show the prospect that they are in control of their situation and you are the person who is there to HELP them.

When promoting the affiliate products that are “paid for”, this is commonly called a “funded proposal”, which is a system that has been successfully adopted to fund advertising and day to day running of the business until the residual income can be built over time.

When using the Internet to attract people to you and your personal brand, you would commonly offer some type of information that would be paid for elsewhere. An example of this could be an e-book, a training webinar or another similar type of product offering great value to the prospect.

MLSP Review – The System Itself

Within this MLSP review I need to go through the system, with the pros and cons of how it can benefit the network marketer, but also how you may be distracted by it. In my opinion, it’s a system that has been developed over time to become a system that offers more and more to the online marketer.

With Mastery for example, you get the opportunity to sell affiliate products for 100% profit. Would this be of benefit to you? Of course, with every mastery member you introduce you will get paid a decent residual monthly income too. This makes the MLSP system a more “complete” business package too.

The University package offers affiliate programs, less than the mastery system, but still with the possibility of commissions. The commissions are not 100% as offered in the mastery package, but with 30% commissions you can still receive some great funding for your business

One thing to think of, however, is to be sure that you use MLSP as it was “designed” to be used. Yes, you have the opportunity to make some money and yes, you could in effect use this system as a primary source of income. But, the objective is to build a network marketing business and to set up a residual income that grows over time and yet still getting you into funding your business using the internet as a primary source. Make sure you don’t get distracted from your final goal and the main reason you would join MLSP in the first place.

Some of the world’s top network marketers have gone through the MLSP system and still use it. The objective of the MLSP review is to give you an insight into what is offered to you. Training from some of the top marketers in the world on hand all the time, plus the opportunity to expose your business opportunity to people naturally by simply helping people out and without pressure or a sales pitch are two great reasons to at least take a trial membership to see if this system can indeed help you to build your residual income and fund your business while that goal is worked on.