The Importance Of A Marketing Plan and Sticking To It!

stick to your marketing planI watched a video the other day while refreshing myself on some things. The video spoke about having a marketing plan and sticking to it. This is so important because when something works and the plan is set out to help you succeed using it, why try to change it?

Why Change a Successful Marketing Plan?

We are all human right? What does human instinct tell us? To do things our own way right?

There is no harm in changing something a little is there?

Well, if that something one does to change the plan means it doesn’t work, then of course there is a real harm in changing it! This is why our mentors spend painstaking hours, days, months and even years developing a plan that works! They can save us all a stack of time and effort in stress and struggle IF we stick with the plan. There is no harm in adding something to the plan that compliments it and helps it to work, but to change it is like committing business suicide!

The Dangers of Changing or Not Having a Proven Marketing Plan

In any business, you require some goals to try to achieve. Also, you need to write the plan down to show your plan is viable. You can do financial forecasts based on your research and potential. This is essential if you need to get financial assistance to start your business.

But what if you don’t want to have a traditional type of business? What if you want to run your business from home and be an online affiliate?

If this is the case, then the importance of a plan and consistent action based on that plan is more than essential, it’s mandatory!

Working on Your Affiliate Marketing Plan.

Before you can set up any plan, it’s a good idea to get educated in your new venture. You need to know what is needed. By far the best way is to get yourself partnered with someone who has experience in online affiliate marketing and knows how to set up a plan for success. In other words, you need a mentor!

There are daily tasks you need to do to achieve your goals. You may want to try some paid ads. You may not have a budget to do paid marketing, so you want to try the “free” route, which isn’t truly free because it takes up your time. There was something that was discussed in an interview I saw where the person who said he had not stuck to the plan had achieved success recently.

He said it was because he was now sticking to the plan set out, but was using free resources to get people to the offer. He said that free is the same procedure as paid, but it takes longer to reach a similar result.

proven online marketingThe most important thing in this or many other situations where people are successful is that we all stick to the plan that is proven to work! Take the advice of your mentor because they are successful for a reason. There are too many things to throw us off course, like buying ridiculous amounts of “real” traffic for a small amount of money.

You will find these claims all over the place and they may be good for boosting website traffic, but that is only if it is trackable by the search engines as real, but as far as getting traffic to your offers, they are useless and just a way for the vendor to earn.

Things that seem a little ridiculous really ARE ridiculous. It’s not that the plan you have been given doesn’t work, it’s that the traffic is not real people or targeted people that will respond to your offer.

Create a long term proven marketing plan and stick to it. Stay consistent in your efforts and you will see success.

My friend and mentor, Dean Holland has written a book to help affiliate marketers. It highlights how affiliate marketing has changed and why what you may be doing isn’t working now. If this is the case for you, this book called the Iceberg Effect is free, but you pay for shipping. This book will help you in your efforts and also help you to develop your own marketing plan. Find out more here.