How To Get Your MLM Lead Generation Right.

generate leads for MLM businessWhen you start out in network marketing, one of the first things you need to get to grips with is how you’re going to get leads for your business.

How will you deal with the touchy subject of lead generation for your network marketing business?

The MLM industry has developed some scepticism over the years, mainly due to some hype and promises of making lots of money and having financial freedom. Sadly, there are very few people who have had fantastic success in network marketing compared with those who have signed up for it. It’s also true that even fewer have been able to maintain that success for long periods of time.

This doesn’t mean that any of the Network Marketing companies are bad. It also doesn’t follow that the opportunity for the “average Joe” to make extra money or to dramatically change their life is a “con” or a “scam”.

Lead Generation For MLM Has 2 Main Benefits

  1. Your family and friends will be free from your attention when you find ways to generate leads other ways. You may have already approached your friends and family with a previous opportunity, and because you didn’t succeed that time, you have no true credibility with them now.
  1. Whatever lead generation tactic works for you can be passed on to your business team so they can duplicate what you do and build the business. You will find out from anyone in MLM that duplication is a key component of this type of business. It’s possible for anyone to buy leads and phone them up or find ways to contact them online by email using tools such as an autoresponder.

Buying leads is not always a good idea and so you need to consider a few things before you decide to go down that route.

  1. Are the leads you’re going to buy exclusive to you, or are they sold to others too? There are those who will sell leads to several people. What this means is that you could be marketing to someone who has already been contacted. Make sure you do some research and make sure you get leads that are exclusive to you.
  1. When was the lead actually generated? Which would you prefer – to speak to someone who has declared an interest in the last 24 – 72 hours or the past 6 months? A good lead for any MLM needs to be spoken to quickly before they have been subject to the scepticism of others, so the sooner the better after the declaration of interest is the best.
  1. Another important thing to know is how many leads you get for your money. When you purchase your leads and convert them into your business you can then purchase more. This is very important when you’re starting out and building your downline team.
  1. Has the lead been “qualified”? You will find that the best leads will have an email address and phone number and have answered a few qualifying questions like: “How quickly will you want to start” or “How much do you have to invest to get started” or “When is the best time to contact you?”.Any prospect who has filled in answers to these questions are a far better lead and more qualified for you to talk to than someone who has just put in a name and email address.
  1. What is the rate of response? As you work these leads, you conversions will improve as your skill grows. You will get better response from the leads that are qualified first and, even when you’re working on your skills, you will get conversions.

I believe that this short guidance will help you in your MLM lead generation. Take great care in choosing your lead source if you decide to go down this route.

An alternative to buying leads is to learn how to generate your own leads on the internet. Generating your own leads is better because you have more control over the qualifying process and the building of the trust etc. from the start. You can learn how to generate leads though investment in an online training system that will develop your skills and your income too.

Research your options because you want to make sure that whatever way you go forward, it’s the best way for you personally. Ask yourself if you prefer building a business relationship with a person who left their details with someone else and you paid for those details, or left their information on your capture form so you can directly start building a relationship and create the trust needed.

Good luck.