6 Ways To Blogging More Effectively.

blogging effectively takes workEffective blogging has never been more of a requirement than now. Blogging has always been about content and relevance of that content to your marketplace, but nowadays with the dawn of “content marketing”, blogging effectively is reliant more on reaching a target market than ever before. Business these days NEEDS a blog in a lot of cases. A website alone is not enough to be sure of connecting with your customer and building a relationship in the way it used to, unless it’s a very high authority pure e-commerce “shop” kind of site. I have seen many of these sites now offering articles on their products to help people make better choices and provide better information to customers.

Over the years, blogging as a medium has helped to develop many new and worthy voices. I has, and still does, play a role in shaping opinions, political realities, trends, and even our language.

A blog can simply a tool for someone who’s got something to say. This is still many people’s way of recognizing a blog. It’s like a personal journal that has been put online for people to read. It seems to have developed into a tool for someone who wants to yell out into cyberspace trying to be heard.

A blog is a good way to get your message out there, but if you want attention and expect blogging to bring it to you without a little work, then you could be disappointed. Of course, there are some exceptions, but these exceptions have something that fully engages with people and something they find worth sharing. You need to write and engage others about subjects on which you have some expertise. Blogging is a great way to interact with people who share similar interests with you.

Blogging Effectively Can Be Achieved By Following These 6 Tips.

  1. Be topical.
    Relevance in your content is not optional. Some people may not be interested in your topic, but they are not the ones you want to see your copy. Being haphazard and just targeting anyone will not serve you. You won’t get return visitors by doing this because relevance of message to target market is essential. These days blogs can’t jump from niche to niche. Say you had a blog focused on health and you switched from that directly to cooking without any relevance to cooking healthily, you would lose credibility. Many markets and overlap, but the message must remain relevant.
    The beauty of relevance and staying “on topic” is that eventually your authority in that niche will grow and your site could become a “goto” place.
  1. Refresh your content.
    Your content needs a schedule to get the best from it. Regular, up to date content is essential to maintain interest and have the search engines indexing your content regularly too. This is another way to increase authority in the eyes of the search engines.
    Blogging effectively requires time and effort. One thing though, don’t have unrealistic expectations that you can’t deliver. The occasional lapse or holiday is understood, but when readers return to find stale, out-dated content they may presume something is wrong and go find another blog with similar content. There are millions out there, so when you have a readership, you need to try to keep them.
    If you can post at least once a week, you stand a chance of keeping regular visitors. Posting 3 to 4 is better, but if you have ideas and enough capacity to write a post a day, do that because people will get hungry for more when they like what you write.
  1. Clear Language Counts.
    go blog about this. Effective blogging needs good content
    Be clear about what you want to say and stick to the theme. Try not to be too “techie”, unless of course that is your market. First time visitors really need to be close to your message. When they can see a “connection” with themselves and your content in a positive way, they will return for more. If things are confusing or “wooly”, they will leave and not come back.
  2. Feed the Spiders.
    As mentioned briefly in #2, search engines take notice of active blogs and blog search engines are especially sensitive. Search engines are smarter today than ever and are only getting smarter.  In constantly improving they are seeking to show responsible, relevant and top quality content. The top blogs are updated several times a week, if not daily. Once or twice a month is not good enough for them, and shouldn’t be for you either. Don’t get stuck in the web of a big spider. Instead keep dancing and providing good, regular content so they keep coming back for more.
  3. RSS.
    Do you promote your RSS feed? RSS feeds are a great way to exponentially sound your voice to those interested in your content. Blogging effectively also includes getting people to subscribe to your RSS feed so you can further increase exposure. Registering your RSS feed with relevant RSS directories is another good way to syndicate your content. If you use IFTTT (If This, Then That) for sharing your content, it’s the RSS feed that will generally be sent to the social media platforms to syndicate that content. An RSS feed is a great way to increase the distribution and readership of your original content.
  4. Spell check.
    Do you use the spell-check? I do – if I didn’t, I doubt you would have made it to #6.  It only takes a minute and can save you from looking like a donut!

Your audience will be small to start with.  In truth, that’s the way it should be. Unless you “strike it lucky” and have one piece of content go viral because you have the best idea ever, don’t expect miracles. It’s unlikely that people will fly in after three or four posts, so keep at it!

Always work with quality in mind and the readership will show up. Link to good, relevant blogs with authority to offer your readers more relevance and value. Who knows, as your own blog’s authority grows, they may just link back to you. Even though your voice may be unique, your niche isn’t and if your content is presented to the Internet with high relevance and quality, readers will respond through readership and interaction. That I guarantee. Blogging effectively is the key to a smart and growing following.