No Website? How To Do Affiliate Marketing With No Website.

affilate marketing is possible with no website

Affiliate marketing with no website is possible, but there are advantages to having a website as well as disadvantages. Affiliate marketing, a method of making money online by selling somebody else’s product or service for a commission, typically encourages having a website. There are, however, other methods and strategies to be success in affiliate marketing with no website or blog.

You may be new to affiliate marketing and wondering which business model to use, how to promote and deliver the products to your intended target market. Building your own commission machine will be the ultimate goal for you to achieve. If you already have a budget to enhance your education and start your business in the right way, it would be good for you to check out this great training and opportunity to get started with proven converting products.

The most accepted and common method of getting your links to the public is by building your own website. It’s easier than ever before to build your own website with all of the technology and automation tools available these days. It’s pretty cheap too, but it doesn’t end there. You have to learn several things to enable your site to be found and convert. You will see in many places all over the online scene that “content is king”. In fact, GOOD content is the king of kings and that isn’t as easy as it may seem.

You will need to get some great education in content generation and marketing and other things available to help you to succeed with a website. Content is very important if you DON’T have a website too, so there will be no harm in learning more about how to create great content to convert your offers into hungry buyers.

Having said that, there are both advantages and disadvantages of having your own website.

When you know these facts, it’s up to you to decide whether affiliate marketing with no website is really for you in the long term.

The Advantages Of Building an Affiliate Website

  • Your site is your own property. You have control over the content and how you present it. That doesn’t mean you are not careful and provide the best value. The last thing you want is to be labeled as a spammer and get your site banned on search engines. The problem with free website platforms like can be their algorithms blocking your site and removing it. The spam filters are very strong and the smallest thing that is considered as non compliant triggers the process of deletion. You have to then appeal this process stating that you only with to provide value and will keep clear of the pitfalls. Ask for general advice on how to stay within their terms.
    This is such a nuisance for a marketer trying to make a living. Therefore your own self hosted website that provides great value and offers great products from which you can earn is a definite advantage to having a free site.
  • You create your own BRAND. Yes, you can do this with free sites. but again there are restrictions and your site will no doubt have adverts for other products. This will dilute your brand quite substantially. People will buy from you if you create trust and give value to your readers. Being distracted by adverts for other products is not an issue if you own your site. Your brand is YOU and that is what matters.
  • You will not incur listing or selling fees when you have your own website. This generally only applies to places like e-bay and similar other websites, but still a valid advantage that helps you to keep more of your profit from your sales.

The Disadvantages Of Building An Affiliate Website

  • Owning your own website requires a hosting account, which incurs a cost straight away

  • You need to spend time learning how to structure your site and how to use the website builder, or how to use WordPress

  • You need to create content regularly. Not just any content either! Because you want your site to be found, you need to learn how to optimise that content for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo

  • While on the subject of search engines, it’s vital for you to learn at least the basics of search engine optimisation (SEO) to obtain some valuable ‘organic’ traffic

When you consider these disadvantages, it may seem that everything is time consuming and costly. It doesn’t have to be, but with no money coming in initially, you may find it prudent to learn various other methods before you build your website.

Other Things to Consider When Affiliate Marketing With No Website (or with one)

  • Offers need traffic, so it’s important to learn how to drive traffic from several different sources or set out an affordable budget to buy traffic (again, you will need to learn)

  • Learning how to find good product, services and offers to sell and split-test to maximize your conversions will be a great advantage to your affiliate marketing efforts.

So, although it’s very possible to have an effective and profitable business in affiliate marketing with no website, ultimately it is better to have one.