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Seniors…Making Money From Home Is Easy With Ipas2!!!! Get ipas2…Start Making Money From Home!!

Seniors…Making Money From Home Is Easy With Ipas2!!!! Get ipas2…Start Making Money From Home!!

00:13 – Making money from home
00:21 – ipas2 stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems
00:29 – 75% of all people who are looking starting a business are over 50
03:08 – IBM’s world wide downsizing gave other companies the permission to do the same
05:40 – Patrice and I have positioned ourselves to do well online
06:48 – Looking into making money from home

Hello my friend, my name is Terrence Pennington, and if you are a person over 50, I want to talk to you about making money from home, and introducing you to a system developed by two friends of mine, called ipas2. Ipas2 stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration Systems.

Research statistics have shown that seventy five percent of all people who are looking into making money from home to supplement earnings, retirement or social security are over 50 years old. And of that group most have limited technical abilities if any.

I remember when I was growing up, we were encouraged to go to school, get an education get a good job and stay with that company until retirement, and everything would be fine. Not many people were working and making money from home.
Well something happened along the way. We went to school and got the education went to work for the corporation and everything was cool until we reached the magic age of 50. At least that was the magic age for me.

During the 1970’s I worked for a major corporation I had a high school diploma. I had a job as a recruiter in the Human Resources Department, but my manager told me that I would never be a manager unless I obtained a degree, but if I did, my career would be golden. I went back to school, with a family and I received a degree in Business administration and psychology. Within a year I was a manager and over the next several years enjoyed a progressive career in many aspects of Human Resources management. As time went on I changed positions a few times in order to further my career, and when I turned 49 years old I moved to a new area of the country which had an attractive 3% unemployment rate. I felt that with my resume, I would be able to find employment easily and continue with my career.

I had no notion that that idea was far from the truth of reality. The unspoken truth of reality is that companies were not hiring 50 something people. As a matter of fact, since the IBM worldwide furlough program, some years before, many companies which had followed the IBM model of cradle to grave employment now had permission to sever ties with a generation of more senior workers.

At first I began to lose my confidence in my abilities, because I couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong, and then I had to make the mental transition from working for a corporation to working for myself. At 57 years old I ended up buying a franchise business which has seen my family through the last 9 years, but I have been trading hours for dollars, and I knew 5-6 years ago that I needed to find some sort of residual income. I knew that if I didn’t I would be faced with just having social security to live on. And that would be a scary place to be. Over the years I have tried several network marketing companies, spent thousands of dollars on courses and read all kinds of books on in-home businesses and network marketing, to no avail.

Then last year I found out about internet marketing and a company which existed for the affiliates, dedicated to insuring success for those who truly had the desire to work hard, to build a business and succeed, at making money from home.

I joined and over the past year have positioned my business to provide the income I need to solve my residual income problems and to ultimately provide the time freedom for me to enjoy my retirement years traveling, teaching others this wonderful business, giving to institutions of my choice and pursuing my ministry, teaching others about God’s kingdom.

One of the key components of the solution to my problem is the ipas2 system which was targeted to baby boomers. Especially those of us who have no marketing experience, and no sales experience. All we have to do is to learn to drive traffic and the ipas2 system does all the rest, and as you can see I have learned to rank on the first page, which allows me to talk to thousands of people just like you each month who are looking for solutions to their career problems looking into making money at home.

Also, leave me some comments or questions; I would like to start a dialog with you to see how I may help you solve your issues, whatever they may be.

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