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Online Home Business Success 8 Habits Of Top Internet marketing entrepreneurs. JosephDiego DiaMante




Online Home Business Success habit #1
Work: This is a funny one; so many people want success so that they don’t have to work. Well I have news for you, Warren Buffett works, Mark Zuckerberg works, Steve Jobs worked to the end. So if you plan to be successful at anything in your life, you’d better expect to work on it, be it heath, relationships or business. You get out of it, what you put into it and that what is work. I work every day of my life and I love it. Why?
Here’s the trick: Find something that you love to do. Because when you love what you do you won’t ever work another day in your life.
Online Home Business Success habit #2
Share: This one I hear comes from the Bible says another of the many great leaders that I copy. Jim Rohn; Learn to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness.
One thing I have learned in life is that the more that I give the more that I get. It’s a strange concept, because most people just don’t think that way. And when you think about; this is mine, I worked hard for it why should I just give it away. Makes good sense. However it doesn’t work that way. If you want love, you have to give love. Just think about all of the broken relationships. What happened? When they first met they were madly in love. And over time that love that they were giving each other wears out. Now they start to say to each other; you don’t love me anymore. Because now instead of giving love freely and unconditionally. They want it first and then they say that they will give it back. Well it doesn’t work that way. Take it from a person that has happily been married for 25 years.
You have to give, in order to get.
Online Home Business Success habit #3
Manage: Your time, your money, your affairs, manage everything. Or in other words keep an eye on your stuff. This one is so easy but most people don’t do it. You want to know why? Because, everything is already out of control. Now it’s going to take some work to get things in order and then keep things in order. And just as I mentioned earlier. Most people don’t want to work. It’s easy to just let things go. But then at the end, it’s not.
Successful people manage and keep a close eye on everything. Everything is all a part of a major plan and when you stick to that managed plan, everything just seems to work out. And if it doesn’t I’m sure that they saw it coming, and that they have a backup plan.

Online Home Business Success habit # 4
Invest: Oh no here it comes; this guy is going to try to sell me something. Here another funny one. Most people want to have an online home business. But it seems like they want it for free. Let me give you a little bit of news; it’s A Business! Businesses cost money and they will require some financial investments.
Now not only will you have to invest in the business you will also need to invest in yourself. This comes in the form of education, personal improvement plus you should also be in good physical conditions to produce peak performance.
Online Home Business Success habit # 5
Coachable: First you have to become coachable, and then you must remain coachable. This is a tricky one for many folks, especially if you’ve had some success in another field or industry. Because when you know it all, you know it all. Since you know it all your going to attempt, let me say that again a little more boldly, you going to “Attempt.” to do everything your way and then when you have tried and failed a couple of times, you’re going to do one of two things. First being the choice most people take is; quit and leave with a bad taste in your mouth, saying things like; those online home businesses don’t work, those things are just scams and don’t waste your time or money, I tried one of those things and I never made a dime.
You will need an open mind in this business, you will need to be open to coaching and taking suggestion, trying things somebody else’s way and always keep that open mind as this is the internet and things are always changing. So you better expect to do the same.

Online Home Business Success habit # 6
Association: My favorite quote that relates with this habit is; If you hang out with dogs, you’d better expect to get fleas. So the truth is that people rub off on one another. Just think about it. Have you ever seen a picture of a couple and their dog and all three of them look alike. It’s true. Plus I know this because I have lived it. I’ve been in bad places and I’ve been in good. And when I hung out in these bad places, I was not the most positive that person and my life just wasn’t too good.
Today the quality of people that I associate with is completely different. I stick with the winners and lose the losers and unfortunately I’ve had to disconnect from some old time relationships. Because they were just holding me back. And the direction of a successful entrepreneur is always forward.

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