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Online Home Business, Network Marketing & Internet Marketing Success, The Greatest Investment


Online Home Business, Network Marketing & Internet Marketing Success, The Greatest Investment
In the beginning,
Looking back at the numbers, the truth is that most businesses fail within the first five years. I’m sure that you have heard that before. And when those businesses fail, a ton of money is lost down a drain regret, disappointment and loss. New business owners invest in new store fronts or even a building, they hire friends and family, they stock up with inventory and they invest in a massive marketing campaign. All with the hope’s of achieving the American dream. Never to be seen because they never invested in their greatest asset, themselves.
So this is why I am so excited about the career that I chose. I am an online home business, internet marketing and network marketing entrepreneur. Wow, that’s a long title but that’s what I do. I’m an online home based business owner, most of my marketing is done online and I work with what I consider to be one of the best network marketing companies in the world.
When I first made the decision to start my business, I was just looking for a way to replace my regular J.O.B. (Just over broke) with the hopes of generating a more consistent income since I was getting laid off every few months after the project was done and get rehired when a new project was started. I was a New York City construction worker; even though it was what many think as, a good paying job. But it was just that, a job. And I wanted more, much more for my family and myself.
And an online home based business seemed very intriguing, so I looked further into it. I joined an internet marketing company and that was where it all started for me. One of the first things that was told to me by the people in my up line was to; invest in myself. Then when I found the network marketing company that I currently work with, one of the first things that they told me to invest in; was to invest in myself. They told me to turn off that automatic income reducer “The Television” and read a book, they told me to turn off the radio in my car and listen to, motivational and inspirational audio compact disks, cassette tapes or MP-3’s. I was also told to attend business events and learn from the people that are doing exactly what I want to do.
At first and within my ignorance I thought that this was just a way to suck some money out of my pockets. So what I did was, just go to free video social networks like Youtube and listen to the top marketers on those videos, listening too and watching such names like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Less Brown and Tony Robbins. But the funny thing was that they all advised, no let me reword that, they all insisted that; in order to succeed you have to invest into your number one asset “YOU inc.” And these people didn’t work with the home based business company I worked with, nor did they work for the network marketing or internet marketing company I work with. But they all suggest “NO” insist in the same thing. Work on yourself first and watch how everything else just falls into place.
My greatest investment.
It’s funny how most of us fear what is best for us. And that fear comes with a price. Just as those failed business owners mentioned earlier, I lost lots of time and money. All just because I didn’t believe in what I was being told to me.
Nevertheless, things are different today. I invest more in myself than I do in anything else. My library grows every week; I attend more training events than ever before. My car is a personal improvement library on wheels. No, I didn’t throw away my television set, my wife would kill me,’it’s bad enough she has to be held captive in my car’. But my T.V. time has been close to completely eliminated. As I still love a good bowl of popcorn and a good movie from time to time.
Most importantly, my business is thriving today. Why? Because I’m thriving, and I’m thriving because I invest in the most important asset in my business and that’s me. When I get better my business gets better, as I grow my business grows it’s just that easy. Now here is a bonus. Yes, you have heard me talking about my online home based business, internet marketing and about network marketing and the success of my business because of the investments that I have made in myself, but business is just a small piece of the pie. These investments that I have made have also contributed to better health, magnificent relationships and an attitude of complete determination to achieve anything that I set my sights on. And it’s all waiting for you because you can do the same.

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