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Hi, I’m Milana Leshinsky and I’m a successful internet marketing coach. When I quit my job 10 years ago to stay home with two small children and start a coaching business, I thought that being my own boss was the best thing in the world! But a year later I found myself stressed out, working 12 hour days, with hardly any time or energy to enjoy my family (which is why I quit my job in the first place).

Working with clients was great — but extremely time consuming and income limiting. In my search for a better business model, I discovered many new strategies, none of which required me to network, sell, travel, or even work with clients one-on-one!

These recurring revenue strategies completely changed my life. Now, I work four hours a day and have plenty of time to spend with my kids, relax, and enjoy life. And the best part? I’m making 10 times as much money as I was coaching people one-on-one (and my income is still growing).

I’ve shown 1,000’s of coaches, consultants, and experts how to turn their passion or experience into recurring, passive income streams through my internet marketing coaching program — giving them the freedom to design the lifestyle they truly want. Whether that’s having all the time they want to spend with their family, travelling the world and experiencing different cultures, living in their dream home, or pursuing the passions they never had the time or money for.

And now, I’d like to help you unlock the ability to live your dream lifestyle by showing you how to tap into the power of passive income!


* How breaking all the rules of the traditional coaching model allowed me to slash the hours I worked down to just four hours a day, make 10X more money, and transform the lives of more people with my coaching than I ever dreamed was possible.

* How you can take your passion and expertise and leverage it in a new way that will not only give you the lifestyle you want, but also help you reach and impact many more people than you are now.

* The breakthrough money-making business model that can at least triple your income in half the time, and completely change your life like it did mine!

* My easy to replicate system for creating your very first passive income stream (an income stream that pumps money into your bank account around the clock, even while you’re on vacation).


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