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How to use Attraction Marketing to promote a health and wellness business online

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Are you using attraction marketing in your business?

And why should you?

Attraction marketing is a very effective marketing strategy to reach and connect with more prospects, to build an audience, to make more sales and to build a profitable business.

The approach to attract prospects, to attract an audience and a following to you, is more effective in the long run than the approach of hard-selling.

Most people don’t like to be “sold” anything,
but they love to buy.

If you use attraction marketing in the right way, your prospects and your target audience will think of you as a trusted advisor and a solutions provider – not as a pushy salesman.

Therefore, you’ll be able to sell more without lots of pitching and convincing, because they like and trust you.

So how do you use attraction marketing in the right way?

Basically, attraction marketing is the same as
education or content marketing.

The principle for how to use attraction marketing is the same no matter what kind of business you’re in.

Whether it’s network marketing, affiliate marketing, a home business – or real estate, insurance, travel, hospitality and so forth.

Attraction marketing is all about that you lead with value.

Before you mention any product or service you sell, you consistently give value. That is, you share advice, how-to’s and tips with your prospects, that they find interesting, entertaining and valuable.

This will ATTRACT people to you and your marketing channel.

Remember, you want them to think of you as a trusted adviser and a solutions provider.

And you share your content on marketing channels of your choice, such as a blog, a Facebook page, a video on YouTube, a Podcast channel, on Instagram etc.

Here is how you can use attraction marketing to promote a health and wellness business:

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