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1) ACTION: One of the most important keys to success online is to take action every single day in the direction of your dreams. Focus on taking consistent, persistent, and persevering action to ultimately achieve your dreams, goals, and more.

2) PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: You want to focus on personal development as part of your lifestyle to continually grow as a person and live your life to the fullest in all aspects of your life. So focus on growing yourself in all aspects of your life including health, wealth, relationship, and more on a lifestyle basis.

3) FOCUS: Internet marketing offers multiple ways to create income online. I do believe in multiple streams of income. However at the end of the day, you want to ultimately FOCUS on your #1 best way to make money online. Eventually, you will realize the more you focus, the more you can create even more successful opportunities is the future for the long run.

4) USP: If you want to achieve success for the long run in the business world, then your business must have a USP. USP stands for unique selling point. In short, what makes your business different than other businesses in your industry? Find your #1 unique angle and sprinkle it throughout your business to brand yourself, differentiate yourself, and ultimately achieve more success in the long run.

5) LEARN: Constantly learn internet marketing and digital marketing from online, forums, meetups, seminars, workshops, events, masterminds, business opportunities, and more.

6) MASTERY: At the end of the day, you want to achieve MASTERY in something. Ideally, you can build your online business to be an expression of you achieving excellence, success, and mastery over your own business.

7) FLOW: In life and in business, you want to see where the flow is. This doesn’t mean you want to go with the trends or what is popular at that time. Instead, you want to be able to recognize the trends and be able to find a way to make the best of the flow of your business, industry, market, and more.

8) SIMPLIFY: Simplify your business. There are always so many things you need to do for your business. However, you have a limited amount of time. So gather up all the things you can do to grow your business. Then, you can chunk them into categories. Then, you want to prioritize on focusing on the ONE or FEW things you can focus on that will provide you the MOST leverage to ultimately take you and your business to the highest potential level and beyond.

9) LEVERAGE: Leverage is another key to success in business. You must have leverage. Look for those little hinges that can move the big door and do it.

10) SCALE: You want to scale your business to the next level. So instead of focusing on 2X activities, focus on 10X activities to exponentially grow your business to the next level.

11) MAXIMIZE: Maximize every opportunity that is aligned in achieving your mission to the fullest in all aspects of your business.

12) INNOVATE: Innovate on a continuous basis to continue to survive and thrive in any industry. If everyone is doing it one way,, then do it another way. Be unique. Innovate. Create. Do it daily.

13) DOCUMENT: Document daily. This is very importance because you have one life to live and it is truly a gift to live this life. You want to also document your journey in life and business because that is all content that can later be organized, structured, and created into an asset that can produce income for you for the long run. So document daily, enjoy it, and create a legacy/masterpiece that makes a positive and eternal impact in the world.

14) MASTERMIND: Mastermind with other successful people. Meet other like minded people. The more you interact with other successful people, the more successful you become. You can learn from each other, have a great time, and ultimately achieve more success in the long run.

15) OWNERSHIP: Be an owner of assets. Create, build, buy, and do whatever it takes to be an owner of assets. Assets put money in your pocket whether you work or not. Learn more about it from Robert Kiyosaki and his two books “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cashflow Quadrant”.

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