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Different marketing media – How to choose a marketing medium – Start an Internet Business From Home

In this video, I share how to choose a marketing medium and talk about different marketing media. This video is from my free course on how to start an internet business (from home or from scratch) where you get paid for sharing your advice, your knowledge and expertise with the world.

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My personal story and my first book which received worldwide praise from Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Nick Nanton, Clate Mask and many more… Inside, I walk you through my own personal struggles from growing up, alcohol, South America (volunteering, jail in Brazil, shark encounters and a hallucinogenic time in the jungle) and reveals my three-step method for succeeding…


If you’re sick and tired of all the hype, scams and claims you see online lately, then you’ll LOVE The TRUTH
It’s considered a “bible of proven and tested marketing techniques” but it’s not for the faint of heart!
Can you handle it?


If goal setting, positive thinking, fire walking and every other “technique” that self-help guru’s preach actually worked…
then why are they failing miserably for you? Do you (still) struggle with the sheer amount of projects, tasks, ideas and stuff you need to do on a daily basis? If yes, not only do you ABSOLUTELY need The Productivity Planner, you’ll likely go insane without it…


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John Mulry’s an award-winning and trusted Dan Kennedy-trained marketing advisor, speaker, and multi #1 best-selling author with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing.

With clients all over the world, his mission is to help transform 1,000,000 businesses by 2030. A lofty mission but one John doesn’t plan on doing alone. He wants your help!

John has published six books Your Elephant’s Under Threat, The Truth!, Direct Response, 7 Deadly Sins, Send in The Wolves and Expert Authority. He’s a master funnel builder, copywriter, and strategist with a flair for uncovering the hidden opportunities in your business.

Disclaimer: Some of these links go to my websites and some are affiliate links where I’ll earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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