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Three Key Elements To Great And Effective Leadership

great leadership is developed from 3 key traitsGreat leadership is a big part of success. Great communication is a massive part of effective leadership. Consider some of the more recent great leaders: Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Nelson Mandela to name a few that come to mind immediately. All were powerful leaders because they inspired people to follow them. They had an undeniable Continue reading

3 Secrets To Taking On Big Competitors

The secret to taking on big competitorsWe all know that in business it sometimes means taking on big competitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the big business will win. If you remain focused and find your market, it doesn’t really matter who your competition is if you serve that community of people in your niche. The dawn of Social Media has given us access to people like never before and sometimes you have an advantage over the “big boys”. When the “little guy” wins, it seems Continue reading

Boost Your Ratings And Reviews For More Authority

Get more ratings and reviewsMore authority in your niche market is something we all need more than ever. Among the ways to do this are by finding ways to boost ratings and reviews for your product or service online. Almost anyone in the world can publish content online due to the internet. In fact, it’s getting to be a very crowded space. Those who have built up their Continue reading

Importance Of Branding: What’s In A Name?

branding is important, so work on itNever underestimate the power and importance of branding. It’s perhaps the most important aspect of any business. It goes beyond product, distribution, pricing, or location. The brand defines the business in the world. It’s the name that identifies the business to itself and the wider marketplace. A model may be beautiful, but without a name (her own personal brand), she will be "the girl in that picture". Think about it Continue reading

5 Ways To Connect With Your Target Market

finding and connecting with your target marketAs a business owner, it’s important that you find your target market. The next thing to do is find ways to connect with people in that market. How can you do this? There are many ways to connect with people, but connecting directly with the type of person you need to so you attract the right one for your business is not easy without a plan of action to find them. It’s all Continue reading

3 Easy Steps For Starting In Affiliate Marketing

starting out as an affiliate marketerFor those of you who don’t know - affiliate marketing is an arrangement between a seller and a person who markets their product for a commission, aka an affiliate. An affiliate can also earn commission from programs that are known as CPA (Cost per action) networks. Affiliate marketing is basically a win-win situation for the merchant and the affiliate. The seller gets more opportunities to advertise his products for free to a wider audience, which Continue reading

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