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Attraction Marketing Book Shows How Successful Home Business Works

This free book lays out exactly “How to Build an Online Digital Marketing Business and Earn Unlimited Income from Anywhere in the World.” To get yours, click http://bit.ly/LM-FreeBook.

Attraction Marketing Book Shows How Successful Home Business Works

We’ll walk you through each chapter to see if you resonate with the content … and show you exactly how a home business works.

Chapter 1: Join the New Rich, Meet the New Poor

The computer and internet savvy are becoming the “new” rich. Are you going to be ahead of the curve and prosper with a home business that works?

Chapter 2 asks: Why Do People Fail at Anything?

Most people fail by failing to follow through. It’s like when you buy that new elliptical trainer, suit yourself up with new workout clothes and shoes, but then let it sit in the corner acquiring dust or being used as an expensive clothes rack.

Chapter 3: The “Big 3” Things You Must Do

For your business to succeed you need (1) quality traffic … eyeballs on your offer, (2) high converting sales funnel(s), and (3) a great value ladder.

Chapter 4: The Perfect Digital Business Model

That implies NO INVENTORY! Plus, people get their products IMMEDIATELY. In this day and age, instant gratification is key. This section offers guidance and shortcuts to help ensure your home business works.

Chapter 5: Your Completely Unfair Advantage

So what’s the unfair advantage? That you too can take advantage of professional quality lead magnets, sales funnels, and more! And you don’t have to go it alone! Working together we can do way more than we could ever do on our own.

Chapter 6: How to Get Free Traffic and Leads

Everybody wins when you drive good quality leads to your opportunity: the lead, you, and the company, especially when the lead becomes a partner.

So, how you are going to make your first $100K? Understanding how the system works is critical for your home business success.

Chapter 7: Getting the Profits into Your Bank Account

How do you collect your commissions and get that money into your bank account? Merchant accounts have been known to fail. Returns and charge-backs are another nightmare all together. … What if you didn’t have to worry about the money handling? Here’s how …

Chapter 8: How to Close (Lots) Of High-Ticket Sales.

What if I offered you access to a professional team who would follow up as many times as necessary to create a conversion for you? That would be an insanely valuable asset and put you light years ahead of the competition. It’s part of the learning curve you don’t have to worry about.

Chapter 9: How to Hire A Great Virtual Team

This chapter sets forth core principles we really appreciate! Dave’s team commits to (1) integrity (doing the right thing all the time) (2) longevity & sustainability (the “no-fizzle out” zone); (3) vision (you need to know where you’re going); and (4) solutions (don’t dwell on problems, fix them). Pretty good values, wouldn’t you agree?

Chapter 10: The Online Fame Formula.

Learn how to become an expert, to earn authority that people will look up to and trust. Your power and authority will come from results when your home business works.

Chapter 11: How to Fund Your Business

You’ll never get the things you dream of without making a change to get there. The biggest excuse people use that holds them back is “no money.” We hear it every day.

Yet, many of the top earners have a rags-to-riches story. They didn’t have money either…once upon a time. But they invested in their dreams, worked hard, and learned how a successful home business works.

Chapter 12: Building Your Digital Database. The list of email leads you acquire and grow on a regular basis is an asset which also becomes a long-term source of income for you in your business. It’s like paying once and getting free tra?c for life!

And these are not just random leads you buy from some broker, but real people who respond to your offer, asking for more information. They are your contacts, and often customers for life.

How to Continue Learning?

Legendary Marketer by Dave Sharpe will teach you to be a better attraction marketer. Plus, as a special “limited time bonus,” this book comes with a FREE video series taught by Dave himself to enhance your business skills.

To pick up your free copy of this attraction marketing book, click http://bit.ly/LM-FreeBook. You’ll soon find out all the details, then make a decision to build own successful home business.

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