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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 6 FAQs for Your Home Business Job

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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: 6 FAQs for Your Home Business Job

Like you, we can’t wait for your home business job to take shape with the answers to these six frequently asked questions.

First FAQ: What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you, as the “affiliate,” partner with a “seller” to provide a service or a product to the marketplace. Think of yourself as a “retailer” of goods in your own store. Those goods come from somewhere. As an affiliate, your home business job is to promote or “advertise” this product or service to attract people to buy. You then receive a “commission” on every sale. The magic begins when you find something you can promote and get paid for that you already love and use!

FAQ #2 Why Choose Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?

Here are just a few of the key benefits of affiliate marketing for beginners to understand:
• No inventory to manage. You simply promote, and the seller takes care of shipping and handling.
• No technical worries. Often you are even provided with done-for-you funnels.
• The seller takes care of accounting and tracking your sales.
• You avoid extra overhead for distribution and fulfillment and don’t have to play customer service agent either. These are also the seller’s responsibilities.
• Affiliate marketing works well for beginners who want to grow a business quickly and efficiently with the focus being on learning how to promote like a professional.

FAQ #3 – How Does Affiliate Marketing work?

There are a few simple steps for you as business owner:
• Choose what you want to market.
• Find a Seller who offers this product or service and make a connection.
• The Seller will provide you a special link that will be “just for you”.
• Use this special link in your promotional materials.
• When interested buyers click on “your link,” the Seller who will process the sale and give you the commission.

FAQ #4 How do commissions work? How much money can I make?

There are many different configurations and agreements varying from company to company. Our best suggestion is to find a couple companies and do your homework. You may need to join an affiliate host company to read the “fine print,” but this is usually a simple set up and costs you nothing except your time to research.

Do your due diligence, so you know what to expect for profit in your home business job. In general, commission percentages will range from 5-100%, and 30-50% is a good range to look for.

FAQ #5 – How do I Find a Company that Offers an Affiliate Program?

Make it your home business job to be on the lookout for good opportunities all the time. You can check out our Affiliate Marketing playlist for a few examples to get you started.

Amazon is a good example because you can become an affiliate very easily. Scroll down to the bottom of their website and look for “Become an Affiliate.”

In fact, if affiliate programs exist, companies frequently put something at the bottom like this. If not, just look for “contact us” to submit your question.

FAQ #6 What’s the Downside?

There are a few flaws in affiliate marketing for beginners to be aware of. For example, it may happen that you have interested someone in your product and yet they navigate away, get busy or what not. They may go back another day on someone else’s “special link” and you won’t get credit for that sale.

Over all, affiliate marketing for beginners or professional marketers is a win/win/win. The Company or “seller” wins because you’re selling for them. They will help you win because it benefits them. You win because you receive a commission for just promoting a product. You didn’t have to think it up. Finally, the customer wins because they get a product they are going to love.

One of the affiliates we are really proud to promote is a great example of affiliate marketing for beginners because it is both a business and a training platform. To learn more about this affiliate opportunity, see https://www.davidndana.com/YourNewBiz.

We hope you’ve gotten value from the answers to these six questions. Do you know some folks on your team or organization who could also benefit? Share this video with them.

If there are more questions on your mind, be sure to leave those in the comments.


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